Neighbor Notes in Marfa, August 28

Sounds Modern returns to the Crowley Theater with Neighbor Notes: modern chamber music by Mexican composers on August 28 at 8 pm CST, hosted by the Chinati Foundation. The event will be streamed live for our friends around the World Wide Web!

Mexico’s popular musics are widely appreciated in the U.S., but Mexico’s lively contemporary classical music scene is relatively unknown here; classical audiences are more familiar with music from across the oceans than across the border. Our program was inspired by the recent exhibit “Mexico Inside Out” at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth. These works represent a cross-section of trends in modern Mexican concert music. It is no coincidence that four of the compositions were directly inspired by visual art, a connection we deeply appreciate.


  • Danza de las bailarinas de Degas (1991), Mario Lavista
  • Transmutante (2013-world premiere), Jose-Luis Hurtado
  • Omaggio: a lullaby for sleepy monsters (2011), Arturo Fuentes
  • Manganese in Deep Violet (2007), Victor Ibarra
  • Danza del Parque de las Acacias (2004, revised 2008), Francisco Cortés-Álvarez
  • Twittering Machines (2003), Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez


  • Elizabeth McNutt, flute
  • Andrew May, violin
  • Shannon Wettstein, piano

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